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Ridvan song in French

I have been posting videos Ridvan songs in different languages for the 12 days of Ridvan!

Yesterday I posted a Ridvan song in Spanish and below is the next video for the Ridvan song in French!  I studied French in college for a few years as it is such a beautiful language and I love saying the words although I am not fluent at all now! 

The following languages have already been posted:  

Ridvan song in English
Ridvan song in Arabic
Ridvan song in Japanese
Ridvan song in Swedish
Ridvan song in Portuguese
Ridvan song in Chinese
Ridvan song in Spanish

I look forward to sharing the next video on the blog tomorrow (every morning at 7am Beijing time). Kindly share with friends who speak French.


Réjouissez-vous, ô peuple de Bahá, d’une joie sans pareille, en évoquant ce jour de suprême félicité

Rejoice with exceeding gladness, O people of Bahá, as ye call to remembrance the Day of supreme felicity… -Bahá’u’lláh


Song credits:
Music composition & piano: Elika Mahony
All guitars: Larry Magee
Verse vocals and echoes: Elika Mahony
Chorus vocals: Elika Mahony & Nasim Anayati Maani
Percussion, production & mixing: Jarome Matthew

Photo and Video credits:
Adeeb Afshar
Elika Mahony
Copyright © Bahá’í International Community
Shira Trick (end video of the fountain)

Ridvan song in French

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