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Bahai Fasting and Creativity

The Baha’i Fast is a mystical and creative time for me.  I look forward to these 19 days of fasting and enjoy spending time reflecting, praying, meditating and creating.  One is able to delve deeper during these days and focus inward and really explore what needs to be adjusted and worked on for the rest of the year.  I find that the fast is also wonderful for creativity as I believe we are instruments through which inspiration passes.  So when we are more spiritually minded, prayerful and meditative during these days, the connection to our Creator and our creativity is greater.  I treasure this gift and look forward to seeing what will be inspired during this time.

Last year, my son and I recorded a spontaneous and rough composition of a prayer for the fast.  You can read about the process of making the song in a previous blog.  How I loved creating the piece together with him.  You can listen to the piece below.



  1. Thank you again for sharing, dear Elika. It appears that SoundCloud is down today, so I couldn’t access the file.

    Big hugs to your very dear family! :-)

  2. El Love Thank you! Beautifully done and sung! I love your blogs!

  3. Most welcome Sarmad. it seems as though Soundcloud needs a VPN. See if it works when you turn yours on.


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