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Happiness is Not a Limited Resource…

I would like to share an inspiring video of a youth whose love for others and attitude of life has touched many hearts. His name is Christopher Aiff and he has a rare form of cancer, yet he consciously chooses to focus on the good and to cultivate genuine happiness.  The wisdom, emotional strength and attitude of this young man is phenomenal… Click here to watch the video.


  1. Thank you for sharing this! It’s so true that happiness is a choice. Most of us live our lives in a state of “When I have x, then I’ll be happy.” This focus on the external shifts happiness out of our grasp. The truth is that happiness is dependent on our decision to take full responsibility for it.
    Thanks for sharing! Wishing Christopher much love!
    Amita Patel

  2. Dear Christopher,

    You will be in my prayers. Your choice to choose happiness amid distress is a sign of nobility.