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Commencement: A song dedicated to my son

My son recently graduated from middle school.  I can hardly believe how fast he has grown into a compassionate, caring, knowledgeable and capable young man!  The day after his graduation, I sat at the piano thinking about my son and his special qualities and played what came to my heart on the spot.  I have called the piece ‘Commencement’ and have dedicated it to my son, Taraz.  The song will be included on my upcoming instrumental CD which I hope to release sometime in the fall.  I look forward to sharing more about the CD after the summer.

Have a listen when you have a moment and let me know what you think.

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  1. Lovely song, dear Elika! Thank you for sharing! Time flies indeed, doesn’t it? It seems like only yesterday that our little Tessa was a tiny tot, and now she’s running around, speaking in complete sentences and generally GROWING! She’ll be 3 this October.

    Lots of love to your very dear family, and hope to see you soon — perhaps in August. :-)

  2. Such a beautiful piece. What does Taraz think of it?

  3. Very beautiful song from a very beautiful mother for a very beautiful son :)

  4. Thanks Sarmad. I can’t believe I haven’t seen Tessa recently. I’m sure I’ll be really surprised when I see her just as you will be surprised when you see Taraz and Amelia! Hope to see you all in August.

    Thanks dear Felisha. Taraz likes it but asked me why it’s sad. I responded by telling him that his graduation brought mixed feelings. On the one hand I’m so thrilled that he’s growing and maturing and yet it’s a reminder of how he will soon be off into the world. When I composed the piece, I was realizing how fast he’s grown into a young man and that our time together won’t last forever. I’m appreciating every moment. :)

    Thanks Tarry love! Glad you like the song.

  5. DEAR ELKA ,beautiful song . thx for share

  6. I love this piece dear love Elly, it is filled with feelings. Brought tears to my eyes as i realize how much of your lives i have missed out on! it has been such a sacrifice being away from you all… perfect gift for our dear one Raz! Congratulations dear love Taraz!

  7. Most welcome Susy.

    Jalehjoonam – miss you and so do the kids. Would love you to come and visit!

  8. Lovely piece, love it! send Taraz our love.

  9. Thank you dearest Sigi. It was so lovely to catch up with you on skype! I’ve missed you. Love to the family.

  10. Great music. I really like this piece, keep up the good work.

  11. Thanks Dimitri! Good luck with your upcoming music project.

  12. Wow! Elika…..Wonderful! I didn’t realize that you played piano this well. You never told me and I never heard you play the piano the times that Phil Morrison and I came to your home. You play wonderfully. Beautiful, simple chord progressions and the improvised melody is very emotional and lyrical; nice 4th chords and arpeggios. The piece started simply and then you developed it and then brought it back down to a sweet ending. Taraz is going to be so proud that his mom played this kind of piece just for him. You’re always into something good and staying active musically. God Bless you on all of your future endeavors. I hope that Phil and I can get back to China again sometime in 2012. I’m performing solo in Fukuoka, Japan and going home on January 9th. Take care.

  13. So lovely to hear from you Keith! I miss you and Phil and the wonderful times we all had in Beijing when you were here. I guess I never actually played the piano for you! We just released ‘Glimmerings’ yesterday and I’m really excited about it. Hope all is well with you Keith and look forward to seeing you and Phil back in China – God willing. :)


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